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Vol.1, No.1


長戸 公:創刊の辞 p1


STANTON W. Robert: Perspective on, and Future Prospects for, the Sago Industry. p2-7

(STANTON, W. Robert:サゴヤシ産業の歴史的経緯と将来予測)


FLACH Michiel: Problems and Prospects of Present Sago Palm Development. p8-17

(FLACH, Michiel:現在のサゴヤシ開発の問題と予測)


佐藤 孝:21世紀の作物サゴヤシへの期待,特に栽培学の立場から. p18-19

(SATO Takashi: Expectation for Sago Palm as a Crop in the 21st Century, Especially from the View of Agronomy)


大塚柳太郎:パプアニューギニア人の適応におけるサゴヤシの意義 p20-24

(OHTSUKA Ryutaro: The Roles of Sago Palm in Adaptation of Papua New Guineans)


小林昭一:サゴ澱粉の利用特性. p25-32

(KOBYASHI Shoichi: Utilizing Characteristics of Sago Palm)


岡部四郎・小田桂三郎:サゴヤシに関する海外情報-欧州調査概要報告書-. p33-43

(OKABE Shiro and ODA Keizaburou: Overseas Information of Sago Palm: Report of the Research in Europe)

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