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●今なぜサゴヤシなのか?    Why now interested in sago palm?







 (初代会長 長戸 公 「SAGO PALM 創刊の辞」より)


Why now interested in sago palm?

 Development of underutilized/utilized plant resources

The development of underutilized/unutilized plant resources and the expansion of their utilization considering the fact that the rate of a population increase in developing countries continues to surpass that of a food supply and demand relations would possibly be inevitable in long-terms. What we must do at present is to exploit all possible measures for increasing food and food production in the world so that the next generation could effectively cope with any serious food situations. Sago palm is now one of the underutilized plant resources.Nevertheless, taking into account its potential capacity, we must make strenuous efforts to improve its productivity at the present time. Certainly, this should be the duty we have to undertake now. Its achievements would surely become an important heritage to our descendant.

 The economic development of low-lying wetland areas extensively present in the tropics

In the low, swampy areas of the tropics, only very limited plant resources have an economic advantage at present. Among those resources is sago palm, which has a high adaptability to such conditions. In fact, part of sago palm and its products is utilized as food stuffs of the local people in those areas, while a small portion is exported to other regions. If sago palm is to further contribute to the economic development of those areas effectively and sustainedly, a number of problems would have to be resolved. This is because the matter might threaten to assume serious situations in environmental conservation and stability of social life of the local people, providing that the development programs take an inadequate strategical approach. They could not be solved in a short time. This is the very reason why we must begin with analyses of the problems and related researches as soon as possible, “immediately” indeed.

 Provisions of suitable social, economic and institutional conditions in the sago palm growing areas

Even though the importance of the sago palm improvement and the economic development of its growing areas is well recognized, special considerations on strategies for materializing its potential are really needed, since the issues are closely related to the complicated circumstances of industries, economics, society, culture, politics and other environmental factors in these areas. Furthermore, the sago palm production takes place in the developing countries which are economically weaker in general. In view of the heavy dependency of Japan on the imported food and feed resources, including biological stuffs in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, we believe that our collaboration with the developing world should be the right course to take as a large importer of agricultural products. In this sense, our cooperative efforts in research and development of sago palm production and utilization would provide Japan with a good opportunity of collaborating with selected developing countries.

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